Heat action Plan

2. Surat heat & health action plan

The UHCRC attempt to design a Surat city Heat Action Plan is to highlight the public health concerns of heat wave hazards in Surat city and to provide a framework to the Surat municipal corporation for an evidence based planning, implementation, coordination and evaluation of the outcome and response to an extreme heat event and to minimise the adverse health impact of extreme heat with a primary focus on high risk population.

  • The Heat action plan is one of the interdisciplinary project of UHCRC
  • The objectives of UHCRC are to explore scientific evidences of health impact of climate change, to share it with local self government(LSG), to do advocacy for community participation, to facilitate pilot interventions and to ensure ownership of LSG.
  • Project components and phase of Heat action plan eare
    1. Research for evidence based Heat Action plan
    2. Designing a draft action plan and a review by experts
    3. Stakeholders Advocacy
    4. Piloting Heat Action Plan
    5. Designing evidence based pilot experienced “ Surat Heat Action Plan”
  • UHCRC Project activities are
    1) Research
    • Analysis of the city climate (Temperature and humidity ) trend
    • Analysis of the intra city (Spatial ) climate trend
    • Study of intra domestic environment and contributors of comfort zone
    • Analysis of morbidity and mortality pattern in summer
    • Analysis of morbidity , mortality and climate trend
    • Study of comfort and morbidity experiences and actions of high risk groups
    • Study of doctors experiences and practices with respect to heat related sickness
    • Interactions with community to study heat ? experiences, understanding and actions
    • Group interaction with Municipal corporation stakeholders for their experience and suggestions for heat action
    2) Interim intervention
    • Sensitisation workshops – Doctors of Public and private sector and LSG stakeholders
    • Use of social media to regularly project forecasts and general action for prevention
    • Community awareness programs through schools
    • Preparation of training kits
    3) Pilot planning – Implementation
    • Advocacy
    • Draft Heat Action plan
    • Expert group workshops
    • Piloting Heat Action plan