Evidence based research is one of the key area of UHCRC as very few study have been conducted to understand the climate change effect on urban health. Evidence based research shall ensure the community perception and their recommendations in all the advocacy briefs, advocacy to incorporate health component in the policy of different ministries of Government of India

UHCRC conducts research to understand the process of possible health impacts due to climate change, to contribute to development of policy and programs towards climate resilience strategy.

UHCRC Research outcome shall have an element of sustainability, inclusiveness, integration to resilience and replicability. . Research Beneficiaries shall include Poor, Peri-urban residents, industrial workers, slums, industries, School/college students, Municipal Corporations and municipalities, UDA, State government, etc. key research areas for centre are to understand the inequalities in health outcomes at the urban scale and to review the current state and national policies with health perspective/lens.