"Knowledge and Advocacy Hub"

(Established in April 2013 under the master project of ACCCRN phase III)

MISSION: "Achieve the Goal of Healthier Citizens in Healthier Climate Resilient Cities"

  • Latest in series of health-related climate change projects run by the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network(ACCCRN).
  • India’s first center of its kind will build knowledge hub in area of health and urban climate change resilience.
  • Aims include piloting and assisting programs for city authorities in India and beyond to improve urban health services towards climate Adaptation and resilience.
  • UHCRC is Executed by Health department of SMC and Governed by “Surat Climate Change Trust” in which Surat Municipal Corporation is a major stakeholder, TARU is the handholding organisation.

UHCRC the first research centre of its kind addressing public health and urban climate change adaptation and resilience issues in India, has opened its doors in the western city of Surat, the latest in a series of health-related projects run by the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN).

UHCRC strategy includes Research. Training, Documentation, Networking and Consultancy.

UHCRC domains are Prospective Climate and VBD and WBD surveillance system developing, Inter disciplinary research, Interaction platform and dialogue forum, Convergent network development, Training and documentation of practice and State and central government Advocacy

Core team of UHCRC study the impacts of climate change on health, preparedness for climate adaptation and resilience, needs for skill building, models of community inclusion. UHCRC work with the city authorities to support, strengthen and encourage urban health services for climate adaptation and resilience.

UHCRC network partners in the city are IMA, Shardayatan School,Government Medical College Surat, Krishi Vigyan talim Kendra, SVNIT, SCET, CSS, Mahila Sahkari Udyog Mandir, NIWCD, and SAHAS. National and international institutes are iihs, IIHMR, NIUA, UHSI, ARUP, Dept. of Ecology University of Chicago USA, LSHTM, and NRDC.

UHCRC is a training centre for internees from national and International academic Institutions, like IIHMR Jaipur, TIS Mumbai, MPH Gulbarga, VSGNU Surat, and Mary Greeley Medical Centre in Ames, Iowa, Harvard University.

UHCRC initiated its activities at Surat and now extending it for urban Gujarat. It’s also planning first of its kind innovative research in third year of ACCCRN project.