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Congratulations! Winners of "Cool Surtis Hug Trees this Valentine" photo contest

UHCRC is happy to announace the winners of recently held photo contest "Cool Surtis Hug Trees thi

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Surat Arogya Samvad 5

Surat Arogya Samvad 5

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Climate change and Urban health

The relationship between climate variability and human health in urban settings are often poorly understood. Generally, the linkages between climate and disease are studied at scales that are not locally relevant, leaving urban health systems with a poor basis of evidence to undertake needs assessments and planning for climate-sensitive health outcomes. The idea is to generate city-based scientific evidence on the links between climate change and health, assess local vulnerability to climate impacts and contribute to making urban settings prepared for and resilient to climate-induced risks – diseases, emergencies and disasters.

Healthy city is one that is continually creating and improving physical and social environments and expanding those community resources which enable people to support each other in performing all the functions of life and in developing to their maximum potential

World Health Day 1996

Understanding the linkage between climatic parameters and vector behaviour is essential to undertake preventive measures to control these incidences from becoming city level epidemics. The recurring epidemics of vector-borne diseases are a major problem in most of the cities across India resulting in considerable workday losses. Increasing intensity of extreme rainfall and increasing temperatures are likely to modify vector habitats and reproductive and viability periods significantly. 

Urban health and Climate Resilience Center (UHCRC), Surat was launched in March 2013 as the latest health related climate change project by the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) and supported by Rockefeller foundation through Surat City Climate Trust in which Surat Municipal Corporation is a main stakeholder.

- UHCRC thrives to become the  knowledge hub in the subject of Urban Health and Climate Change Resilience

- UHCRC is the first center of its kind and is conducting quality research in area of urban health and climate change resilience.

UHCRC aims include piloting assistance programs for city authorities in India and beyond to improve urban health services

Mission: “Achieve the Goal of Healthier Citizens in Healthier Cities”

Aim:  Developing and sharing the evidence base to recommend more effective health services that improve resilience to climate change impacts on urban citizens, particularly poor and vulnerable communities.

Conceptually UHCRC shall initiate its activities in Surat and Gujarat but its jurisdiction is India and accordingly shall take up National level research and training, consultancies as well as has a mandate to facilitate dissemination of research and experience   through state, national as well as International seminars and conferences.

UHCRC concept was evolved with an understanding that

·         Research is propriety as health is a strong argument for taking action to build resilience to climate change; the problem is that there is not enough research on health impacts in country-specific contexts. 

·         Sustained activity model development as it is a relatively early stage in the evolution of climate change and many of the effects will not become evident for decades to come.

·         Inclusion of health systems in agenda, in view of urban health being new arena and health policy and system is in early the phase of development. To contribute towards measures anyway to be taken for likely relations between climate and health as well as with consideration of natural disasters.

·         Build community involvement models for effective, sustained, equity based empowerment. As community awareness, participation and empowerment is key to sustained success of efforts.

·         Develop a knowledge hub in Urban health and Climate Resilience sharing local, state and national experiences for larger benefit

Focus area for first  three years activity of UHCRC are  Health system study , Integrated urban health and sanitation service and vulnerability monitoring model, use of secondary data for intervention planning – monitoring and assess impact of climate change on morbidity burden,  food  security and urban agriculture, Health museum – a display, extension education and training model, prospective study on climate and vector borne diseases, flood management models, housing – health and climate change, Equity and gender perspectives of urban health  and climate change resilience, migration urban health and climate resilience perspectives, community based knowledge- attitude - practices in relation to climate change and disasters. 

UHCRC has a multispecialty core team of consultants (Public health, health management, social anthropology, urban planning) functional under health department of Surat Municipal corporation, managed by Executive committee and Governed by Governing board. UHCRC advisory committee members are from national and International public health and urban planning institutions.


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